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    How do I reach Kamalashila Institute with public transportation? The way to reach us by public transportation can be found here: Link zu Anfahrt Can I stay at Kamalashila Institute without attending a course? Yes. You are more than welcome to stay here to do a retreat, relax, or work as a volunteer. Please make sure to reserve a room on time. What facilities does Kamalashila Institute have? In addition to the ongoing courses and seminars, we have a library, which mainly contains Buddhist literature, a Dharmashop, which sells Tibetan practice texts, books, and various objects used in Buddhist rituals, … Weiter
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    At the beginning, everyone who becomes involved with Buddhism and meditation in a serious and intensive way not only has a lot of questions but also gets a lot of different answers – especially in the West. This is because of the wide array of Buddhist traditions and schools that have established themselves in the West in the last decades. The following information is meant to provide you with a short and understandable idea about Buddhism. Weiter

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